Sounds of the Orchestra is a fun way for children, parents, teachers, and anyone with an interest in music to learn about the classical musical instruments that comprise the orchestra. Everyone will enjoy the wide variety of playing, learning, and listening activities:


-Play a card matching game to test your memory and listening skills by pairing instruments by picture and sound.

-Tap on the colorful soundboard to learn the sounds of each instrument, or quiz yourself to train your ear to recognize them.

-Explore the four sections of the orchestra, and learn about the individual instruments within each one while listening to some beautiful classical musical favorites.


Sounds of the Orchestra is fun for the whole family, and great for use in any musical education environment.


Mozart began composing when he was only five years old! We hope that Sounds Of The Orchestra will inspire the next generation of musicians, and make learning about music fun for everyone.

"A Classical Music Lesson That Hits All the Right Notes" -MacNewsWorld


"This is a cute little musical app that does a great job of filling a little niche in the app store that I never really knew existed. It does a great job of educating the user about how to identify instruments that are commonly found in an orchestra. It really does focus exclusively on the instruments." -iTunes


"Fun, educational music app"-iTunes

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