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Also available is the free app Scales & Modes: The Quiz, which is a great way to test your music theory knowledge and train your ears.

Available for iPhone and iPod Touch

Selected 2 years in a row by the iTunes App Store as a top 'Back to School' app!  Top 10 iPad Music App!


Scales & Modes is an interactive visual and audio reference for the diatonic scales and modes that are fundamental in music theory. View major and minor modes on the musical staff, see fingerings for both keyboard and guitar, and listen to the scales note by note, in any key.


Diatonic musical scales and modes are one of the fundamental concepts of Western music theory. But the large number of scales makes learning and remembering them difficult. Scales & Modes is a handy mobile reference guide for viewing and listening to a large number scales and modes, including all the modes of the major, natural minor, and harmonic minor scales.


Select a root note and a scale to display the notes of the scale on the musical staff, and click “Play Scale” to listen. Select the Keyboard or Guitar tabs to view fingering diagrams for the scale on those instruments, and press the info button to see more detail about constructing the scale.

Whether you are a professional or amateur musician, taking a music theory class, attending a jam session, or writing a symphony, Scales & Modes can help!

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